Toyota Express Maintenance

Monday - Friday   6:45am-6:00pm           Saturday   7:45am-4:00pm             Sunday    Closed




Waiting rooms. We love to hate them. Which is why Rochester Toyota is now giving you the option to spend less time in ours! Don't get us wrong - our customer lounge is full of complimentary amenities such as coffee, soda, snacks and wi-fi - but that doesn't mean you have time to sit and wait for your vehicle. Your time is valuable, so when your vehicle needs factory-scheduled maintenance or minor repairs, don’t let it bring you to a hault. Rochester Toyota Express Maintenance offers everything you need to keep you moving. 


What is Toyota Express Maintenance?

Toyota Express Maintenance is a highly efficient two-technician system that can get your vehicle in, inspected, maintained and out in half the time. Once you are greeted by a designated Service Advisor, you vehicle will then be serviced by not one, but two trained technicians, cutting your wait time in half. With Toyota Express Maintenance, you can schedule your appointment online and with your mobile device.


Why scheduling your appointment online is beneficial?

This allows the Toyota Express Maintenance team to allow proper time to each vehicle instead of having them pile up in a line. You come in for your appoinment, and you are out in an hour or less. Minimal waiting means you get back out on the road quicker. 

Our team knows you are coming and can prepare for your planned appointment. They can get right to work before you have time to pour a cup of coffee. 


What does Toyota Express Maintenance include?

  • oil and filter change
  • brake inspection
  • tire rotation
  • fluids inspected and refilled
  • multi-point inspection

Near the mid-point of your visit to Rochester Toyota Service Department, your Service Advisor will update you on 

  • the status of your repair/service
  • operating condition of your vehicle
  • future maintenance needs
  • next service interval
  • offer assistance with scheduling your next scheduled maintenance appointment

3 Critical Safety/Security items we'll update you on every visit:

  1. Tires stop your vehicle. Tread depth is measured every visit.
  2. Brakes stop your tires. Pad/shoe thickness measured every visit.
  3. Battery starts your engine. Electronically tested every visit.